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How to Dye Armor in v4.2

Hi guys!

Cauldron we have added in version 4.2 can be used not only to make your arrows tipped, but also to paint your armor!

Learn how to make your armor color in our new video:

We hope you like this new feature and our video.

4.2 iOS release! New features for Apple devices!

Hello everybody

Exciting news! Now v4.2 is available for iOS devices too!

How to Craft Tipped Arrows with Effects in v4.2!

Hey guys!

Now you can craft tipped arrows with different effects!

To do it, please follow these steps:

1. Craft Cauldron

2. Brew Potions

3. Pour potion into cauldron

4. Soak arrows in a potions


Below you can watch a tutorial video about How to Craft Tipped Arows with Effects:

New improvements and stunning features! 4.2 is now available on Google Play!

Hey friends! It's time to update your game and try all these amazing features. Check it out!

Long-Awaited v4.1 with EXITING Features is Now Available on Google Play! Grab It ALL!

Good news never ends today: NEW EXCITING update v4.1 with COOL features now available on Google Play! Everybody are welcome to download it now here!

After downloading you will be able to access to such features: 

Golem, Cookies, Easier Building and More Fun! Get v4.1 Now from Apple Store!

Hello everybody, i bring you good news today: NEW exciting update v4.1 with easier building in CREATIVE ONLINE, more fun in SURVIVAL ONLINE, new mobs and fishing in SURVIVAL SINGLE PLAYER is available now on Apple Store

Below you will find the list of new features:



How to Get and Grow Carrot and Potato

Hello everybody, here you can find a full guide about how to get and grow Carrot and Potato in Planet of Cubes. 

Before reading forward, please read Farming Basics. Also please read our previous article about Tree Farming.

Rememeber that all your comments are highly appreciated! Please add your comments below.


Bløøđ Clan Full Of Surprises

Hello everybody!

Today we are reviewing BløøđClan and the clan's base! The base is located in the sky!

Clan's Leader: Řaydeřmus-BløøđClan

To join the Clan you should play on Google Play, Apple Store, or Amazon server! To know the coordinates of the clan's base, message Řaydeřmus-BløøđClan here on the Forum!

Description of the Bløøđ Clanby their leader below: