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Survey: Rewards for advertisement videos and daily quests

Hello everyone!

We plan to improve our reward system for watching advertisement videos, and we'd like to know your opinion regarding it. We also plan to add a daily quests system in the future and want to know which types of rewards you think are suitable for it. 

Click the link below to take the chance to influence the game development and fill in the survey!

New creative contest - Far Future and Deep Space!

Greetings everyone! We are launching a new Creative Contest on a "Sci-Fi and Deep Space" topic! 

The rules of the contest are the following:

1) Build a sculpture, building, or block-picture on a "Sci-Fi and Deep Space" topic in a Private Map mode (e.g. a spaceship, an alien, an austronaut, a landscape of an alien planet -  everything related to far future and space is acceptable).