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Red, Golden and Enchanted Apples! Eat Now!

Hello everybody, today we will talk about apples from Survival Multiplayer Mode! There are ordinary red apple, golden and golden enchanted apples that cause different effects when have been eaten.


To get red apple you need to break a lot of oak leaves with any tool except shears. This is a hard work as one apple can be obtained with probability of 0,5% from oak leaves.

To get golden apple you need 8 gold ingots and 1 apple. 

The Heroes Clan : Join and Play with Team!

Hello everybody! 

Today i am writing you about The Heroes Clan that are playing in Survival Multiplayer Mode! 

Main Goal of The Heroes Clan is to build a huge farm with houses, different creations, farms, caves etc. in the form of a Huge Cross! So the farm will have 4 parts: north (is already done - look on the pictures below), east, west, south, so all the layers of the base from birds eye view will display a cross.. 

Potions with Negative Effects : Learn How to Brew

Hey all, 

here you can find all infornation about all available potions with negative effects in the game. You should read before the previous articles about How to Start Brewing Process and Brew Potions with Positive Effects.

Potions with Positive Effects : Learn Basics and Start Brewing

Hello everybody,

on this news you will learn everything about all available potions with positive effects in Planet of Cubes. Read news and start brewing! 

There are 8 potions that cause positive effects. The basic effect of these potions can be increased, decreased and reverted when you use Redstone or Glowstone Dust, or other ingredients.

Last Day of Official Survival Games "Unite to Survive"! Don't miss it!

Hello everybody.

We will play Official Survival Games "Unite to Survive" last time for the event - on this Saturday at 5 pm by Florida Time. 

Participanets of the event, remember: we will meet near Portals at COORDINATES that you received through Private Messages. We will start playing at 5pm by Florida time, don't be late! If you late - we can go far from Portals and you will not meet us.

Guide How to Start Brewing and Brew Basic Potions

Hey all! 

Here you can find a detailed information about How to Start Brewing and Brew Basic Potions!

To start brewing process you need: 

Cut Price for Chunks Rentals! Show Your Creativity Globally!

Good news builders!  

We have decreased the price for chunks rentals! 

Now the rent of each chunk cost - 20 coins! It means that you can rent 2 chunks for a day for FREE, or 1 chunk for 2 days for FREE now. Sounds cool, right? 

Now go to Creative Multiplayer, choose Original (Rentable) Map, build beautiful creations, then protect your creations using chunks rentals! Show your creativity globally to players from all over the world!

Planet of Cubes updated to v3.2.1 on Google Play : Added Fixes and Improvements

Hey all! Good news for you! We have released new v3.2.1 of Planet of Cubes with bug fixes from v3.2 on Google Play