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FINALLY! Survival Multiplayer Mode Available for FREE on Google Play!

Guys, great news! We have finally released Planet of Cubes version 3.1 on Google Play and Amazon Underground with SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER MODE and CREATIVE MULTIPLAYER MODE! DOWNLOAD THE GAME ASAP AND PLAY!

Let's play Survival Multiplayer Mode with Mobs! New v3.1 now available on Amazon!

Guys, great news! We have finally released new version 3.1 on Amazon Underground with Mobs, Food, Hunger, Farming, 3 new Block Texture Packs and much more! The game is great and very addictive for everyone! Please give us a feedback to this game version in the comments below! If you have suggestions to the game, please write them Here.

Monthly Contest : Spot 10 Differences!

Hey all! 

Spot 10 Differences Contest starts today!

Here you can see 2 pictures made in Planet of Cubes. Compare them and try to find as more differences as you can up to all 10 that we hid. Click the image to open it in  full size.
Mark the differences you found in any graphic redactor (Paint for example) or write the list of differences and post your results in this thread.
Answers will be accepted until August 1.


Planet of Cubes is live now on Mac Store!

Hey all! We have just released Planet of Cubes with v2.3 on Mac Store for the first time ever! Sounds cool, right? 

In this version of the game you will find such features: 

Online Multiplayer Sandbox Game - Planet of Cubes is FREE now on Apple Store!

Hello Dear PoC Players or Random Visitors! 

Today we want to announce that our popular online sandbox game is Free to download on Apple App Store now! 

Planet of Cubes has its own community - 10+ millions players online worldwide that are currently playing the game.

Survival Multiplayer is live now on Amazon for FREE!

Finally initial version of the Survival Multiplayer is live and is available only at Amazon App Store for the moment and only for US customers. 

Stay tuned for new updates and releases to other platforms in US and Globally.

Planet of Cubes Premium updated to v2.3 on Google Play!

A highly popular mmo sandbox game - Planet of Cubes Premium have just updated to v2.3 on Google Play! We have added some new skins and removed old ones. Added the ability to teleport unlimited amount of times on the map. Also we have added new cool feature - the ability to Teleport to any chunk from RENT CHUNKS window using ‘long press’.

Planet of Cubes PREMIUM version now available on Google Play!

Hey all! We have released PREMIUM version of our most popular game - Planet of Cubes to Google Play! Advantages over FREE version are below: 
- Ads free! 
- Three opening skins available in every premium skin packs. Total of 45 skins available for FREE. 
- 250 coins to start from! Rent more chunks and get more new skins using these initial amount of coins.
- No bizarre APK permissions required for the installation.