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Greetings everyone! 

We launch a new Creative Contest! Just like in a previous contest, you can participate in it with your friends.


The topic of contest is "Halloween"

The rules of the contest are the following: 

1) Build a sculpture, building, or block-picture on a "Halloween" topic in a Private Map mode.

2) The bulding must be built from scratch! Redecorated or slightly rebuilt buildings that are already exist in the game won't be count as a contest work.

3) You may bring up to 4 friends (for a max number of 5 people) to build together and if your map will win, all of you will get the prize!

4) Send us the name of your map with your creation using this application form - https://forms.gle/4vi3YEtYRGAmqLLJ6

5) Make sure your map for contest isn't private and is easily accessible for everyone. And don't forget that the private map will be deleted after the 15 days on inactivity. So make sure that it won't dissapear before the contest deadline.

6) Offensive or NSFW creations won't be accepted.


We will accept your works by 2:00 PM 26th of October EST (7:00 PM 26th of October GMT). The winners, will be announced on our YouTube channel 27th of October.


The prizes:

First place – 10,000 coins and 200 gems

Second place – 7,000 coins and 100 gems

Third place – 5,000 coins and 50 gems


N.B.: The prize won't get divided between builders. Each builder will get the full prize in case their map will win.

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Bump. Today is the last day to submit your work!