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Black Friday deals in Planet of Cubes!!!

Check out in-game store for a Black Friday offers! 50% off for most useful items!

New Mansions are released!

Three new Mansions are released and ready for everyone to explore them!

Preview of Three New Mansions in PoC!!!

Brief review of the three new Mansions that will be added to the game soon!

Force quit fix

Small but important update everyone !

We've received many reports about the trick that allowed players to force quit to the game menu in PVP mode by logging in on the second device. We managed to fix this problem. From now on, players that try to use this method to escape battle will die instantly.

We need your feedback! Best Game Features poll

Dear players, we need your feedback! Below, you will find a poll regarding the game features that you like the most. Please, take the time and share your opinion with us.


Thank you for your cooperation! Have a great day :)