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Make Friends Worldwide! Download new v3.3.3 from Mac Store!

HUGE SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER update is now available on Mac Store

Added FRIENDS List feature: Now you can make your own friends and chat with them privately! Added ability to teleport to any friend instantly!

Tree Farming

Let's talk about Tree Farming now.

Before reading forward, please read Farming Basics. Also please read our previous article about Beetroot Farming.

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Golden Horde Empire Clan! Join Now!

Today i made a review of Golden Horde Empire Clan's base. 

Golden Horde Empire Clan's base has strong fortress with tall walls, majestic creations and structures, farmlands for plants and animals, full chests with resources, and gold. Team members are friendly and strong in mining, building , attacking and killing mobs. 

Clan's leader - G-H-E HonoraryPresident II ! If you want to join the clan, please message him. 

Add Friends to Buddy List! Update the game to v3.3.1 on Google Play!

Long awaited feature the possibility of adding your friends to Buddy/Friend List and communicate with them privately is now available in v3.3.1. Also you can TELEPORT to your friends in Survival Multiplayer Mode instantly!

New version of the game is currently available on Google Play, and very soon it will be released to other stores.

Beetroot Farming in the Sky

Today we will build a beetroot farmland in the sky! Sounds cool? 

First of all you need to read Farming Basics. Also please read our previous article about Wheat Farming.

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New v3.3 is Now Available on Google Play! Grab it Now!

Hello everybody! I bring you good news today!

We have released new version of the game - 3.3 on Google Play. Hopefully till the end of the week this new version will be available on all other stores! Yay! 

What's new in v3.3 :

Wheat Farming : Making Huge Wheat Farmland

Today we will talk about wheat farming. We will create a huge wheat farmland step by steps, harvest wheat and make a bread. 

First of all you need to read Farming Basics. Also please read about Melon and Pumpking Farming.

Melon and Pumpkin Farming

Farming Melon and Pumpkin is a difficult process at the first sight, but in the real, this is not it. The are only one really hard thing is to find melon and pumpkin blocks in the infinite world. The tips and tricks in this news will help you to easily and effectively grow melons and pumpkins.

Of course, before we do any farming, we need first to know how to farm. Please read our previous news about Farming Basics!