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Creative Contest "Pop Culture"

Greetings everyone! 

We are launching a new Creative Contest on a "Pop Culture" topic! The rules of the contest are the following: 


Changes to a friend list

Hello everyone! There is a small change to a friend list. From now on, the maximum number of people that you can add to a friend list will be 300. After you reach this number, you won't be able to add more people. But you still will be able to remove old friends from the list to add new ones.

Hide and Seek feedback!

Hello, everyone! Previous surveys helped us a lot to understand the needs of our fellow players. Thanks to everyone who participated! 

This time, we would like to know your feedback about Hide and Seek game mode. Fill in the survey to help us make it better!



Ender Castle - Community Creations!

New video in our Community Creations Youtube playlist!