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April Creative Contest!

Greetings everyone! We are launching a new Creative Contest on an Easter topic! 

The rules of the contest are the following:


New video: Skri-Ton city - Community Creations!

This is a first video in a series of reviews of creations built by players!

The authours of the Skri-Ton: Скриптонит, Григорий, Безумный Безумец, Лайми, Чинила, Татар, Америка, Як.

If you want to visit this map personally, search "RUS Город Скри-Тон" in Private maps mod!

Community Youtube project!

Hello everyone!

Does your clan have a cool base or you have a nicely built personal base, and you'd like to share it with the community? Here is the great opportunity for it! 

We want to make a series of videos about cool or unusual clan bases and personal bases on our youtube channel. Fill the form below if you are interested.


Saint Patrick's Day creative contest!

Greetings everyone! We are launching a new Creative Contest on a topic "Saint Patrick's Day"! 

New spawn zone type

As some of you've already noticed, we added a new spawn zone type in the Asian theme. Do you like it? Would you like to see some more spawn zone types in the future? Share your opinion :)

New mini-event "Hidden Treasures"!

Greetings everyone!

This week there will be a new Hidden Treasure event! There are only 3 points this time, but they will be hidden a little bit better than last time.

We will reveal the coordinates of Hidden Treasure on the 4th of March at 5:00 PM GMT.

Also, we will reveal the coordinates of the starting spawn zone in this topic a couple of hours before the event start, so everyone could have an equal starting position.


The results of "Winter Village" creative contest!

Here is the results of our latest creative contest!