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New creative contest! February 2021

Greetings everyone! We are launching a new Creative Contest on a topic "Winter Village"! 

The rules of the contest are the following:


Hide and Seek preview!

Check out our video about Hide and Seek game mode!

Mini-event "Hidden Treasures" !

Hello everyone! Get ready for a mini-event! In 20 minutes I will post a coordintates of hidden treasures in this topic. Be ready to get the loot first! 

We are looking for testers!

Hello everyone!

We are looking for volunteers who will help us, from time to time, test new features that we plan to add to the game. It's not a full-time daily job, so you can apply even if you play a couple of hours a day. If you are interested and have time and desire to help us make the game better, fill the form at the link below.

We will consider all your applications next week. We will announce the end of the application period and contact you after that if you are a fit for us.


Winners of PoC creative contest!

We published a video with the winners of our creative contest! Thanks everyone who participated and congratulations to winners! 

New creative contest!

Greetings everyone! We are launching a new Creative Contest on a fantasy topic! 


The rules of the contest are the following:

1) Build a sculpture, building, or block-picture on a fantasy topic in a Private Map mod (knights, wizards, castles, fantasy creatures, or your favorite characters from books, games, movies, comics of the fantasy genre, etc.)

2) Send us the name of your map with your creation on any of our social media with the text: "My work for the creative contest".

Happy New Year and ... some Event :)

Happy New Year!


Near the most popular respawns, we left chests on the diamond block - there you can find your gifts. Coordinates: 50:-100, 0:-50.


Have a great weekend and see you in the game!