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The review of the Clan System from the next update!

The next update of the PoC is near! Check out the review of Clan System which will be added to the game.

The name of the map for Treasure Hunt event!

The name of the map for todays event is...

"Treasure Hunt" event!

Greetings, everyone!

We are happy to announce a "Treasure Hunt" event! It will be on Wednesday 25th of August at 3:00 PM BST/GMT (10:00 AM EDT/EST).



Creative Contest "Spaceships"

Greetings, everyone! 

We are launching a new Creative Contest on a "Spaceships" topic! The rules of the contest are the following: 


Bug fixes and Minor Changes

Greetings everyone! We released a small update dedicated to bug fixes and minor changes.
Here is the list of what changed:
1) The chain spread of TNT explosions is now limited to 3 ignition generations
2) Fixed wrong drop from blocks
3) Doors now open on power-on and close on power-off