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☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞
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revenge clan one of the most elite clans.
-full god set armor
-gold apples
-and more.
We are right now having a full scale war with Several other big clans. Therefore we will need more members.

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Alr? How abt my clan? Don't worry I don't recruit random nubs anymore I recruit who comes ask to join I find way more loyal people that way

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FORD, Bruh you send videos with self harm jumpscares

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hmmmm does ur clan have ratings? top 10 top 20 something that makes it special is it in an alliance

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RVG disbanded or..?

Ares Labyrinth
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Let's ignore one of the RVG members screaming "WHITE POWER!" in ParkRidge.