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I am Modz and this is a partial speech of a small fraction of things i have done within this community and what i have accomplished
I’ve been playing poc since it very first came out in the beta version on Amazon Underground with a few others it was very fun and all but after all I’ve seen and been through with this game all the new updates and the game barely being operational anywhere near spawn unless you have a fully customised gaming pc or the one of the newer iphone or samsung phones unlike the old poc where you could go to spawn with a terrible phone (or on an emulator on a laptop/pc because there was no pc version yet) and still not drop below 50-60FPS i’ve seen all the glitches/tricks come and go i myself even found most of them but stupidly trusted the wrong people with them which it had then been spread around like wildfire through the community causing alot of the glitches to be patched since they had become to commonly used/over powered I’d been through the whole of poc not wanting to be fully *KNOWN* amongst the community because i was happy with what i had the glitches that i would discover would be paid with a nice handsome reward from kian until i myself grew hungry for power from which i put everything i was doing/working at the moment to the side a only focused on becoming the best of the best at pvp which i had achieved which i knew i would because the only thing holding me back from achieving it was myself because at that moment in time I wasn’t looking for glory and fame i was fine being in the shadows and working on my exploits i held the title of the best pvper for about 2 years until one day i had fell asleep with my device still on my bed after i had fallen asleep because i was up all night fighting with other clans and killing them from which i had noticed i had turned over in my sleep and bent the screen back too far and broke it leading to me having to retire and giving everything i had up as i had become too immersed in the game to which i had subsequently broken my macbook in real life as i was too busy indulged in the game from which i spent the rest of the time i played with my exploits gathering enough of my own supplies to basically feed an army of 20 excellent fighters of my own choice for a good 8-9 months leading up to now where i after all these years of being a constant player through all the rough patches and absolutely diabolical ideas for the new updates have quit playing poc coming on 4-5 months ago now but I couldn’t fully leave without at least passing on my knowledge about the game some of my own cool little tips/tricks/hacks if you’d say some may not like them if they knew about them but that’s why I’ll choose only those i deem worthy of passing a few of my glitches and knowledge of the game onto i warn you there have been alot of people eager to get there hands on some of my mines and exploits for a VERY long time now but i am leaving for good i have been semi-active on discord but now i shall be leaving that platform too i have left the games discord server moderation team and to replace me there are 2 new 10 year olds that warn you for nothing and have no clue what they’re doing it is truly sad to see the way the new poc community is i myself only see a handful or may 2 of actually good players that know what they’re doing unlike the old community where we actually all thrived and even the noobs of the old community had a decent knowledge of the game because we all actually worked for our supplies and actively trained in harsher environments where swords did 2 hearts of damage the anything below iron armour if you had full diamond armour it took 3-4 hits to do half a heart of damage leading to people actually having to use there minds and knowledge of the game to gain an advantage over your opponents and win a pvp quite frankly back then i could easily kill all the mac/emulators players there were because i myself trained and actively kept myself well equipped with knowledge and skill within the game 
But for now this is where i leave i shall choose from within the comments which players shall inherit some of my wealth/knowledge leave your discord name and tag below and i shall choose those i deem worthy i will not be giving away everything i know and have as i have left alot of it with one and only one person i deem has the best intention/knowledge of what to do with it and that person would be kian


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Go exploit another game. Nobody cares. Bye Felicia

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Bye stranger.

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Moo Moo Moo Moo, I'm obviously Kian, changed my discord name, and y'k how I do Kian things indecision
As the real Kian, you should stay on discord and if you want, can leave PoC

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No fonts.
I hate to say it, but nearly everyone has left.
I wish you luck.