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Åmbrøse Aloysius
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I noticed that there are a lot of people that suffer because of violent players. I have been playing for about 2 years now, and I still get randomly raided. Because of this, I am building a kingdom where new players and peaceful players can live to get stronger, fight back, or even just peacefully play. It's called WølfHeim, and anyone can live there, so long as they promise not to fight anyone unless attacked first, or in an official dual. You don't even need to be in my clan, WølfHaven, though those that join will act as the primary army and officials of the kingdom. It's also not just starting out, the project is about a year in the making. I'm specifically looking for loyal and trustworthy people, and depending on what you do, whether or not you are part of the clan, you can be paid In diamonds, food, and other resources.

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I tried this before but it didn't end very well but ok if you want sign me up

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Hi I'm new here

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the new players will raid it too

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It is an idea that deserves some attention, if not particularly new in concept. The conceptualization of a haven area in this WølfHeim is none too far fetched given careful consideration. I had a similar idea, but less of a solo independent haven and more of a nation. Nevertheless I would love to meet up with you at some point.