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Tf ye i am -.-

 or am I?


☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞
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indeed indeed, wow i guess the union collapsed so quickly, and EFC is stronger

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royce, No offense, but in what way is ECF strong? The only time I've ever heard anything significant about them is when all their stuff got raided cus their leader exposed their own cords.

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Judy, we are strong because we are organised. what would normaly take months for other clans *GHE* we can do in a few days. useing the forum as well as discord we are able to compleate complicated tasks and designs that use the cooperation of the entire clan. one or two persons mines the room / rooms out while others collect items for decoration as well as novelty we also have players who find and raid enemy bases. we recreated the entire ECF base in just 7 days and it was even  better than before. 

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and every ECF member is ether on the forum or has discord so we are all connected and can comunicate easily