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A tnt was earlier 70 coins it was also too much,
but now it has become 700 coins now.
POC Admins please reduce the price of Tnt! 

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it's a glitch or something, you should find it in weapons

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and also remember to buy tnt from weapon section not redstone section

Give me tnt
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Yeah it's too much :((

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The raise of price was intentional. Currently, we don't plan to lower TNT price.

Give me tnt
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POCAdmin2, why it takes 3 days just to get one tnt that's unfair

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Give me tnt, you can farm ingridients and craft TNT if you want. You aren't obliged to buy it from the store.

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 literally every single thing in the item shop is overpriced unfortunately

The Courier
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I have stacks of TNT for sale, add me if u want to buy.