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TLK aka The Legend Keepers is a new clan out but like most clans there are requirements to join

1. Must have enchanted or diamond armor

2. Must know how to pvp and be good at it

3. Never ever betray anyone in the clan do so you will be killed and kicked out of the clan

4. Use IP aka (inventory protection) at all time

5. Discord is not required

6. If we ever build a clan base and you get to see it don't bring people or you and them will die

TLK will be legendary just like the clans before and still are THC GHE THO TCE etc. Those were all amazing and legendary clans and I was lucky to be a member of one awhile ago.

Most of you probably don't know this but poc used to be different people were nice and could be trusted you could even leave main spawn with no fear of dying but those days are over poc has changed people have left good people so maybe it's time I step up accept the way poc is now and use this opportunity to be legendary so when my time comes to leave this game people will remember my name my clans name we will be honored and remembered TLK will be LEGENDARY!!! Join now and become a LEGEND

Friend me here or search for my clans name 1TLK

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The Leading Killers