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Hello, I’m Diver, and I love Planet of Cubes. However, there’s quite a few things I think should be added:
1. Able to ban or kick players from your private map: I think if we could ban or temporarily ban a player from a private map, private maps would be a lot more peaceful and there would be less inappropriate players / fighting. For example, If you’re an owner of a private map, and someone joins your private map to start causing chaos, you could ban a player forever or temporarily just from your map. They wouldn’t be banned from the entire game, though, just your map. Oh, and you could also add an option to kick a player from a map, and when you get kicked a message comes up saying: “You have been kicked from this private map”. 

2. Fish, Island Spawn / Ocean Biome, and Underwater Structures: If we had fish, a new aquatic biome, and underwater structures, I think a lot more people would join Planet of Cubes. I was thinking of a big vast ocean, with a spawn located on an island in the middle. Oh, and in this biome, there would not be any trees, but instead there would be fish. There would also probably be a lot of colorful coral and stuff inside of the ocean. I mean, imagine riding in a boat over the ocean with a fishing rod at sunset. This update could bring a lot of new features and blocks. If you were in this biome in survival multiplayer, you would eventually reach the end of the ocean and make it into the next spawnzone. 

3. Darker lighting in fixed night mode ( Private maps ): I also think it should be a bit darker when it’s night time in private maps. Because, if you turn on Fixed Lighting in your private map and select midnight, it doesn’t really seem that dark out. It kind of looks like it’s daytime, accept there’s a moon and a few stars. You can still tell it’s nighttime though, it just doesn’t seem that dark. 

4. Featured Maps: Every few days, about 10 maps from survival and creative will be randomly picked and become “Featured” for a while. I know there is a lot of private maps, but there’s still a chance your map could be picked and become featured. This gives smaller and less known private maps a chance to become popular. This would be the 4th section in private maps. Likes do not affect your chance of becoming featured. 
5. New mingiames: There’s 2 mini games I really want to be added: A boat racing / racing minigame, and also a parkour minigame. In the racing minigame, you would either have to sprint around a track or swim around a track in a boat. In the parkour minigame, you have to be the first to reach the end of a randomized parkour course. You could use home points at certain areas for check points, and when you die you respawn to that home point. However, you would need to somehow make it so the home point is removed when the players go back to the lobby. 

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Hello. Thank you for your suggestions! We will consider them. As for the mini games, we have several new mini games in development now (including parkour mini game).