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1. youtuber tag (theres many ppl inpersonating youtubers so maybe add a youtuber tag next to someone with a certain subs (maybe few hundreds) so that could avoid most possible people faking and scamming them)
2. mansions (make mansions less laggier so people like me wont die from lagging, and make the loots also better aswell or add a new mansion that exists to be less laggier than the others)
3. blood moon (every once in a while theres around a 0.1% or 1% chance there will be a blood moon and way more mobs can spawn and do more damages and hunger drains faster. mobs can spawn in light aswell and is faster/jumps higher. a special message will appear saying it)
4. private map settings (add the feature where we can transfer ownerships between private maps and also maybe control the weather or allow the spawning of caves/mansions/mineshafts or stuff)
5. minigames (maybe minigames like bedwars/skywars or survival type of games. this could revive the game a lot)
6. friend requests (when a friend request is sended, there could be a feature to show that if u already sended a friendship request to the certain person and possible cancel the friend request. this could stop most of the tp raids from happening)
7. wizard achievements (maybe in the wizard achievements section it can show u which potion u brewed and which one not brewed instead of confusing them and only knowing how much u brewed and brew the same potions again)

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These are great ideas, I feel like poc should have lanterns and mods/ more texture Packd

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But, according to number 1, there are many yt poc players playing in poc in one device but they are recording it in the other device, in their yt account, so its certainly not possible. 
Or else they can login the poc account with their yt channels,
Which is not possible currently

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Thank you for sharing your ideas! We will consider them for future updates.