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Private maps look like their a waste of time. Just random worlds,With nubs online. Some have 0 online,others have over 100 online. However,there is a never-ending battle for control over the map,And its so bad that people dedicate their Poc lives onto a random world. It starts when someone creates a stone tool. Anyone who joins a private map has a wood sword, and stone is stronger than wood. Whoever has stone tools has the power to control the map. Maybe they arent power hungry,but chances are someone else is. They hunt down the person with stone tools until they drop them, And will do ANYTHING to get power. Once they get it,they do what the original "king" (person with the strongest tools) would do if they were power hungry. First,they would go on a killing spree to boost their ego or to make others fear and respect them. Then,they establish dominance by placing lava,signs,making builds or destroying everything. But some people aren't happy,and some want the Kings' power. So more stone weapons are created,and the King fights off rioters until they die,leave the private map,the others win,someone is the new king (Multiple people can be kings,but others will be mad that they are acting just like the other king,and team up against the kings,starting a war,and whoever wins will just be targeted again,creating endless wars) and they cycle starts again,or the dethroned king will fight back against the people,or person,who dethroned him,and maybe bring allies who also want to take down the new kings,or king,because they were doing what the dethroned king was doing,and the cycle repeats. This doesn't happen instantly,but it happens.

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I'm king of pmaps, would keep playing if pvp deaths didn't show in stats

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I see no problem in this, natural order will put good leaders in charge.

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ngl pmaps are good for kill harvesting :) everyone on there are nubs