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Hi, Please can anyone help and let me know if/how we can recover a private map that my daughter. Accidentally deleted.
Thank you.

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Hello! I'm sorry for the late response.
The deleted private maps can't be recovered.

RainbowGalaxy POC
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POCAdmin2,maybe let say.. the maps that have more stuff (like over 1000 entries or 10 likes) when you delete them, it will give a second warning saying “this map seems to have a lot of content. Are you really sure u want to delete them” to prevent accidental deletions, and maps with Lots and Lots of entries (maybe likes) they will be sent to a “recently deleted” and you can recover maps there, and if not recovered in 30 days it will be truly gone forever
also is it possible to add maps into private maps just like there is in creative online modes?

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Why not just adds feature were if a map has like 10000 entry's and 50-100 likes it won't be deleted even if you werent online for 15 days 
because why is that feature even a thing yes it probably helps to keep the servers from crashing but still just add that feature too maps with a lot of activity
I and a lot of people lost many good worlds because we were innactive for more than 15 days