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Hello everyone welcome about
Lets discuss getting rid of this doubt.
He's been cheating
You can't be believing.
Just away in hunger games
When this ruddie came to exclaims.
When all of us got hurt
He told us to lick the dirt.

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Oh ai cant you see
This kid cannot be.
Admins ban is account
So he can be a discount.
He reigns in terror
What an error.
Ban him and we will be saved
So he could look and be behaved.

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You want proof
Ill tell about this goof.
He speedy
What a needy.
He auto clicks
He cannot be fix.
Most importantly he can fly
Why why why.

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Remember guys remember now
If he be thou
He will be banned
He won't be in command.
His username is c2233

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haha this poem actually makes sense