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Maybe we can have some sort of "PoC Day" Where all our best suggestions get implememted Into the game for a test and the best suggestions can stay in as an actual feature. After the day everything can just go back to normal,So trolls who put destructive ideas wont actually harm the game. This could be once a year,maybe every January.

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That's a good idea

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That is an interesting idea, but the problem it's not that easy to implement new features to the game. It takes a lot of time to add something new.

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Yeah,this could be possible if more devs and admins are hired

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wouldn't this require everyone to update their game (for PoC day) and then update it again (for after PoC day, to remove the ideas that would not make it into the "best suggestions" . This will also create many rare blocks. 
Maybe closest best thing to your idea would be a set day (that the community chooses) and a set time (that the community chooses). These picks should help most poc players to participate in some events the admins make, like maybe another treasure hunt event, a live vote on forums (Maybe), and other stuff

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