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This is my first impressions or thoughts when I was playing my gameplay is about 5-7 hours but ive seen all that it has offered so far anyway.So is this game better than world of cubes slightly, It adds new features that are really unique and most if not all people want them in world of cubes but planet of cubes has the slightly more bigger player base. I really didn't like the idea of a daily coin system but POC does it right they give you 20 unlike most mmos that is highly reasonable expeccsioly since so far you can only buy skins which are not required to play with.Its a sandbox so is the building great yes it really is there is no survival yet but I think it might be just like wocs survival but with multiplayer which is nice but might need a bigger world size.There is a bit of lag in the server but it seems to depend on what type of hardware you use I have been using BlueStacks to play this on my PC and get some get snapshots here and there.Also the sensoring needs to be a little bit better I know Ive seen a couple names that I wasnt to sure about so if that could be fixed than thanks! Other than that the game handles its self pretty well although the updates might through some players off since the usally go into a new app.Here are some of my screenshots!

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Hey! Thank you very much for your feedback to the game! We appreciate it very much! 

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Hi, -Beastie-!

Did you played our new Survival Multiplayer mode?

If not - update your game right now here!

Your impressions post was so detailed, we hope you will review new update too wink

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i have to admit planet of cubes is better than world of cubes