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Password link not working (connection is stable)(cookies are allowed)(block pop ups is off) (using iOS)

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Can't you restore your password in the game? 

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can u restore my password my email is pt3892037@gmail.com game name hehewhy

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hehewhy, you can do it by yourself in the game from the main menu. Tap "Login", then enter anything in the field "Password". You will see a notification about failed login atempt and there will be "Resset password" buton. Tap it and you will be able to change your password.

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I every active post right now says "by Pingu"

BlueTangs Rock3
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Pingu wrote: I every active post right now says "by Pingu"

Almost, but geez that's quite an impressive feat nonetheless, Lol.

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Noo Imma do it again