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hey guys me and my bro are returning members from a long time ago looking for an active clan to join we love to pvp and also build and get supplies etc pm me ingame name is "Rawtalent1994" cheers

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Hello I am starting a clan with several friend and my cousins we are looking for onist players who don't steal cheat greaf ecsetera... our base is located next to a large iron mine. their is  a lava filled ravean only a 3 chunks away approx our base is still in the makeing but I have plans to make it into a mansion if you are interested in joining except my friend request for more info

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Hello I am creating a clan with several friends and cousins of mine we are looking for noisy players who respect others, are active, do not steal, cheat, or greaf, excetera for more info exsept my friend request 

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Sry the second one was a glitch my wifi crashed and I thought it had deleted my wrighting

The guy with re...
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Count me in

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I wanna join!

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Sounds awesome:D