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How can i get people to join my clan fast?

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Go main and say join my clan, this what I do .......ADD ME TO JOIN APSL MUST BE GOOD AT PVP (GSET'S ONLY)

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Spam it in main chat and try be known too 
I'm not good explaining stuff

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Be a pro and after 832 years, they will ask "can i join your clan?"

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Hi im new here.

✘✘✘ Pu Kabili ✘✘✘
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BigCatClanCaroleBaskin, you are new here but not in the game poc you have been playing poc for centuries and soo you are a pro with god set armor and gapples lots
you r only new in forum

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I think you have to be famous for people to join your clan quickly

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enderman, yes, best way to become famous come to main regular basics 

Ares Labyrinth
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1 Word: Propaganda.

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Deus Of Pyric, or contraversy