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Greetings, everyone! 

It's time for our monthly Creative Contest! This time the topic of the contest is "Knights and Wizards".

The rules of the contest are the following: 

1) Build a sculpture, building, or block-picture on a "Knights and Wizards" topic in a Private Map mode (you may build something like a castle, a fort, a wizards tower, or some fantastical creatures like dragons, griffons or pegasus). 

2) Send us the name of your map with your creation using this application form - https://forms.gle/86zzDonChfeBTy376 (make sure your map for contest isn't private and is easily accessible for everyone).

3) You should send only one work, and you must build it by yourself. 


Offensive or NSFW creations won't be accepted.

We will accept your works by 2:00 PM 6th of October EDT/EST (7:00 PM 6th of October BST/GMT). The winners, as usual, will be announced on our YouTube channel 7th of October.


The prizes 

First place – 7,000 coins 

Second place – 5,000 coins 

Third place – 3,000 coins

☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞
☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞'s picture

pls help me solve the uplayable game problem its serious

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☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞, which problem you've encountered?

☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞
☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞'s picture

POCAdmin2,the thread i have created "ADMINS UNPLAYABLE GAME", you asked me the system i used and i replied but you didnt

☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞
☞☂︎ røõÿçęfō⍰úñd ☂︎☞'s picture

POCAdmin2,please solve it i cant even play the game

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I would use a map I already had made, if I didn't ruin it with Redstone

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ok can i make me wearing diamonds ammor