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Maybe provide a new update and in that an ip address is to be kept in count...Means all poc accounts is to have an ip address of the device. so if they are banned while they are playing poc, then they cannot use the same device for playing poc, instead they will have to change their device.
I mean all ip address of all devices are unique and different.
so let the poc also have the same ip address as that of the device.
U get me? If admin is willing for my request I would be thankful.
I am not sure about it though
maybe ip addresses are too private idk...
Maybe mac address can also be taken in account instead of ip address 
Its just my opinion for moderation I am not trying to expose any address or for any wrong purpose...
Do I make some sense? I mean do you understand?

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IP and MAC adress are private information and we can't keep them in our database. Plus, many users have dynamic IP or other means to access the web, making a task to recognise them rather complex. Nevertheless, we understand your point and agree that this problem should be solved. For this reason, we will dedicate our time and effort to find the best solution for this case.

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POCAdmin2, Hmm OK thanks for the reply.
I didn't know Its too private