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Self explanatory

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For the first one he brags about pleasuring himself with mei's ykw pictures

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Yes ban the ntr for being in such a bad clan Lol

Ares Labyrinth
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The admins obviously stopped giving a shit about the community a long time ago, just leave. They only care about the size of the wallets and the power they have over people and they make it obvious. They're too ignorant to acknowledge any concerns that don't directly affect the profits.
No surprise there.

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Ares Labyrinth,have they though? They banned someone just last month and maybe if you guys have such a big problem with park ridge THEN STAY AWAY FROM IT for heavens sake people stop coming running to the forums complaining about everyone in park ridge when people only go there for this the admins have enough to worry about they can't always make sure people in park ridge behave

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Could you please provide the screenshots with the full name of this user?

Åmbrøse Aloysius
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I don't know if there is a second perpetrator, or if it is the alt of the same person, but there is also a Golden Bread or something player that was describing/RPing the act of violently raping someone.

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Åmbrøse Aloysius, rip.bred pvp acc

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Åmbrøse Aloysius, there is also a girl named Lavini, i was her friend and said she is 13 years old and she pretends tp have s*x in spawn in houses with couple of people, I've seen some of them on public chat, some of this people such as x Joseph from 1NTR and Johan Bozo from FDEX. Oh and Bred is online right now and he is still being sooo annoying