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I just thought of a new ore that would be slightly better than diamond. This ore, called horizinium, can only be found at least 10k coordinates in any direction and only spawns up to about 6 blocks from the top bedrock layer. It has double diamond's durability, is slightly faster, does slightly more damage than (or maybe the same amount as) diamond. It can also be crafted into armor that holds full bars while having a slight 5% speed boost. It is a deep green color and is about twice as rare as diamond. However, sometimes it does not drop anything. It can be affected by fortune and drops an ingot instead of the block. These can also be sold to the shop for 2-10 coins each at random due to their extreme rarity. It will also help get rid of large groups of people near main spawn as everyone would want to go far out to get this ore.

Gabriel the player
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Sounds interesting.chances for base raids=rise.and elektrika what will the ore be for?

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I think putting a player limit of 80 per spawn zone would be better because it would reduce lag in addition to encouraging players to congregate in spawn zones with different biomes.

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Scootaboot, Hey, thats my idea :<

Gabriel the player
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Oh.nvm.i didnt read whole thing.sounds likr a good idea

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sounds cool. though after players find the ore they will go back to main spawn to trade it or other items.

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Hello. Thanks for your idea and suggestion on how to add variety to the game.
We will discuss this with the developers.
Have a nice day!

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ummm i agree