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there's this like silver medal thing next to a clan with a number. I think it's a clan rating, how do you get some/more?

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Spend coins and upgrade.clan

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I died and spent 810 coins on ip (Black screen. Glitch when reconnecting) and 400 coins for clan

Give me tnt
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You have to do stuff like making your stats better or get more players in your clan so try to do things like few more potions kill more people get more people in the clan and etc 

Mr. Bird
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Yes as tnt said, clan rating goes up based on member activity like building enchanting brewing mining pvp and more. By actively working with your clan to get point it is not hard.

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You can get it by being active in the game. To put it simply, just play the game actively and your rating will increase. We recommend you to watch the video about clans system, if you have any more questions about it: https://youtu.be/PI6m34oD3Rc

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Ya we can have clan rating by our fragss