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Ares Labyrinth
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Has anyone else noticed how global survival is pretty much lifeless? Almost as if it's been invaded by drone-like players. It's nearly impossible to find, well, drama. Any type of player events or clan conflicts, or am I just looking in the wrong place?

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It is lifeless, just a bunch of charities running it.

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"Drama" in survival is clan wars
Individual player drama is in Parkridge HS

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I think it's because the game is pretty boring and somewhat repetitive. Clans aren't that powerful as much as they used to be. There is almost no clans to challenge anymore since they are either disbanded, destroyed, weak, etc. Also, the " drone-like " players you are talking about are those new kids who just never leaves spawn and even if they did, they'll most likely just get stone gear and return back to the safezone, and either just standing near max geared players and spamming them friend requests for no reason. I think it's also because of the players. They will start to leave because they either maxed out everything they got and got nothing to do anymore. Clan wars were pretty much dead at this point because of the lack of players who are actually interested about clans and stuff. Also I think drama is pretty much a rare sight to see because there are no reason to bring beef into. I mean most of the players at our community are either traders, spawn patrollers, noobs or a solo player.