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So I was riding my horse charcoal and it kept dying but there was nothing around so I got off to look and it had fallen in sand charcoal sadly died but why can't horses walk on sand

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I know if this is a glitch or a problem the admins will probably ask what they always do so I'll just tell everyone now so it makes it easier

My device is a: 1+ n200 android

I first found the problem: today

My version of the game is: 5.1.5

Idk if it's a problem for any of my other horses I haven't tried them yet

Idk if this matters but my phone is at least a month old

Hope this helps you fix the problem quicker admins

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Phøenix, thank you for providing all the info! And thank you for the report. We will check ot this problem.

BlueTangs Rock3
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Maybe horses are taking suffocation damage/having a glitched hitbox?

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I’m also having horse issues. Except mine is I can’t dismount my horse. So I will close out of the game and come back in. I have lost 3 horses doing this. Sometimes they pop up out of nowhere, and will disappear again. Is anyone else having this issue? I too have the sand issue. 

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Tay, that's what has been happening to me lately too i lost one of my horses cause of it

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Same with boats ,when i ride a boat , travel some distance and try to get out by pressing shift key it does not work and when i go to the menu screen and come back the boat goes back to the position it was when i rode it  . After some time it goes back to the place where i took it after traveling .

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I saw guy in a spawn, I think 50:-100, have his horse suffocate or something. I think he put the horse on water or something, forgot