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Here are my suggestion for global survival:

Market place (1 realm for selling items)
40x40 = 1000 gems (permanent market slot)
= can't be modified by other players
= only the owner can modified the slot

Minion (seller minion)
1 minion = 100 gems
= 5 transactions
= transaction can be item to item or item to coins
= 27 slots (if transaction is item to item)
= can hold any amount of coins
= cannot be killed by other players
= minion can't go to other places, only the owner can move them

Elysium instead of nether or the end
Hear me out to this if PoC doesn't want to be alternative Minecraft I suggest they create other biome instead of a copy.

Paradise Realm will have:
Angel Wings = like elytra but doesn't need fireworks
= unlimited flight when double jump/another button for flying
= Has a flight height limit (50 blocks or less)

Angel Breath = materials to build armor and tools
= drop by glittering wrap
= can be block
= can be stick
Holy silk = like string but gold color

Since Angel wings is unlimited flight so chesplate can't be crafted only this:
Angelic Helm = 5 angel breath
Angelic Leggings = 7 angel breath
Angelic Boots = 4 angel breath

Holy Sword = 2 angel breath and 1 crystal stick
Holy Axe = 3 angel breath and 2 crystal stick
Holy Bow = 3 crystal stick and 3 holy silk

No pickaxe, hoe and shovel

= drops angel breath but rare like 10% drop rate
= attacks are like enderman
= like a small white fog floating

Glittering wrap
= drops crystal
= attacks like a zombie
= like a bunch of fireflies but one entity

Angel (final boss)
= A humanoid angel then after reaching half of the health bar the second form will be a biblical accurate angel like this: https://youtu.be/cxrNA1c8Zpk
= drop angel wings
= drops holy silk

Private Area
= Each player has own private area but no ores underground of it
= it will be 100 x 100 block
= A player will be notified if a friend want to enter the private area .
= If the owner decline the friend who asked permission cannot enter the area
= If the owner agrees the friend who asked permission can enter.
= Once the friend leave the area, the friend needs to asked permission again when entering
= Any friend who enter the area can interact to the area but can't modified the area (like in the spawn in global survival)
= The owner can block visitors
= Only the owner can modify the private area

That's all of my suggestion, I suggest this so peaceful and builder player can also enjoy global survival. I'm a builder player, I enjoy the current state but taking to consideration of my suggestion will bring so much appreciation to the players like me.

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Great suggestions, thank you! We will consider them.
As for the marketplace and private areas, we had some thoughts regarding them but still not sure whether we want to add them to the game.

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POCAdmin2, you should probably do it

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i wish they add a spell book and a crystal ball :'>

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justapurpledye,how ironi

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BroGamezT18,i love witchcraft have problem with it?

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justapurpledye, yet you say don't worship the devil

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I have 2 questions:
1) Which is more powerful???- maxed diamond armor and tools or angel breadth armor and tools???
2) Can a player go anywhere with these angel thingy tools???
Even can they go to spawn zoned with these tools?? It would be good if they could coz they could trade them with other players
For Example: 1 angel breadth ---> 15 enchanted golden apples
1 angel breadth--> 10 diamond blocks...

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Mighty Indian Soldier, Sorry late reply, When I think of this suggestion, I thought of this as angelic armor = netherite armor in Minecraft . 
For the second question yes, they can go anywhere with this items

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Micah, Yes Yes I gree too

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