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The new update of Planet of Cubes is fully released!


Here is the list of new features that were added to the game:


- We've added a shiny new shield to help you block attacks like a pro!

- Check out our brand-new mini-game, "Hunger Games"! The damage zone becomes bigger, forcing everyone into the center. Can you survive and be the ultimate champion?

- Need to move items around? It's as simple as a single click, from chest to inventory!

- Now, you can wield items with both hands. Try holding a shield to keep those annoying mobs away.

- Finding your friends just got easier with our revamped friends list. Quickly locate them, send invites, or even teleport directly to their location.

- Inviting friends to your clan is a breeze - we've streamlined the process.

- Keep an eye out for cool new items like Fungus and Saplings. More exciting things to discover and play with.

- Your player name now looks even cooler, making sure everyone knows how awesome you are.

- Daily quests and achievements have been upgraded for a better gaming experience. Plus, you can double up on rewards!

- Say goodbye to lag - we've improved server connections for smoother gameplay.


Check out our video reviews, if you've missed it:





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I have a suggestion for the skins. If you don't wana design them you could host a statue building competition and the winners statues get to be skins..

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yukicho, that sounds cool ngl lol

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I still don't have a shield on my crafting table

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HORIZON, the shield hasn't been added yet. We will make it avaliable very soon!