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Small but important update everyone !

We've received many reports about the trick that allowed players to force quit to the game menu in PVP mode by logging in on the second device. We managed to fix this problem. From now on, players that try to use this method to escape battle will die instantly.

Give me tnt
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Will they lose their stuff?

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When my game crashes or I get disconnected in battle mode, I die sometimes.. Why?

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Pingu, thats been happening to me slot too

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What happens if our wifi suddenly went out durimg the game???. We will just lose things…

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Rainbow Galaxy POC YT , your right . Nobody needed this update. Instead of adding stuff Minnecraft has , they are adding things we don't want. My requests haven't been accepted for a long time. Not even a reply. (No offense PoC)

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add ender pearls

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add ender pearls. just use the snow ball recolor it and put tp on the snow ball

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timelappz a freakin snowball that lets u tp no an enderpearl when end gets added

Mighty Indian S...
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no no no the enderpearls can make the game more laggy and u know thee is enderpearls in minecraft and it does not lag cause its offline game lol

Mighty Indian S...
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......and wait... if you get disconnected while in battle mode then dont worry cause you wont die, you will just get disappeared from those pros that kill you

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Mighty Indian Soldier, if you disconnect well in battle mode you still die

Mighty Indian S...
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yea but we die if we ae using PC or laptop or any android device. but if you are using apple device like apple phone, ipad, macbook, then even if you get disconnected in battle mode
but you wont die

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Mighty Indian Soldier, I am saying that only happens very rarely in apple devices its a rare glitch only for apples