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You are a liar, claiming that I'm the "fake" alan kolan, after I said that "I'm not into boys". Making me look bad, huh? after all screenshots, and videos that I took of you, doing explicit or inappropriate stuff in the survival English lobby (50, -100). I also know the fact that doing inaproppriate roleplays, and dating can get you into a ban from this game.
Video of him doing weird stuff: https://youtu.be/pnh9to87ITU
Luckily, he got some of his device ID banned.

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That "broccoli man" guys is bred.

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The alphabet lore is messed up...

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Pingu,Forget about it

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Pingu,You think? They even are having kids do drag shows for them. The alphabet people say pedos aren't accepted but they are pedos themselves

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We will watch him. Thanks for letting us know.

Ares Labyrinth
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Jesus christ. He's a TROLL. He does this for the attention. He's not an actual threat, yet everyone is focusing their resources on one person. This is the epitome of stupidity.