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Gabriel the player
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Admins plz fix this.earlier i was enchanting at my base,and i noticed,just like it give u 3 rowes of choices,it only gave me 1.the table had bookshlves all around it 1 block away from it like it should.and i had stakcs of lapis...also its givibg me worthless ehchantment choices.likr power 1,protection 1,bane of arthro 1,etc. And i had to pick these,cause there was only 1 row of choices.along with the fire aspect no working,or thr fortune.admins plz fix this

sam taken
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Same thing happend to me...its annoying and waste of coins

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how much lapis did you have? also if you put 30 book shelves around it you will get a lot of enchantments i got fortune III book. i put it on my axe idk why

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im not having issues with fire aspect, and ur enchanting issue is not surprising if u have 15 bookshelves...i don't have this issue

Gabriel the player
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I had plenty of lapis,and bookshelves around it.:-\