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I was looking at some creative private maps when I saw this guy with full nechanted armor and an enchatd sword. How is thi possible.

Jedi0fEndor Pri...
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must've tp'd into the map from the sm server.

Archangel Gabriel
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Jedi0fEndor Private Map Explorer,Ive seen this before.some people at parkridge have invisibility potions.i think thwt some people are able to switch to survival mode and creative mode on private maps

Jedi0fEndor Pri...
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Archangel Gabriel, that's not possible though, right?

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i thought it wasnt possable but he obviusly got enchants and you can't interact with stuff like enchant tables in creative.

RedTangs Rock3
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As I stated before, PoC is just the mini 2b2t

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"The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft.."

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Ok, so first off, that dude is a scammer, don't trade with him.
Anyway, this is how he did that:
He signed in on 2 devices on 1 account.
He went on survival multiplayer on one device and parkridge on another device.
His items transferred in the game and he got the armor and ability to interact with things.
Hope this helped

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XTaleChara, hes a hacker or a secret admin of PoC

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That guy looks like he would fight someone that's maxed out , and fall to their death

maybe later
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It was an old glitch where people could make survival items in creative that was fixed, but even though they can't do the glitch anymore their armor is still visible because they never took it off

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There are lots of them on Parkridge... I've asked and they say  they found a "glitch"

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.-TheRealLone-.,yes the failure of cell phones is only on cell phones and that you can put creative in survival without being a hacker I already did it once as a test

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It's likely from Zombies