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Ok basically I keep seeing these forums about have you seen this person not just one I say like a billion of those.
So I am doing a test. I used to have a good old friend his map is still active. I Want to find him.
No1 his current name is tip
No2 he has a sister named enderbunny
No3 has a current map called MOBS CITY
No4 he keeps changing his name like techno tp, tip , neitherite , debug , and more
No5 he has these weird letter simbols on his username 
Hey tip if you find this this is the original -Awesome-
Remember the original Encore Lands map like the first map had a floating snowy island 
Then the second Encore Lands map had a floating bamboo forest island , a floating enchanting table island , a floating desert island , a giant floating blue mansion island , a giant water cube , and the whole world was surrounded with water

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Yea the first encore lands map yea I accidentally logged out of my account so that map was gone and the second version yea I was innactive and the map got deleted because I was innactive longer than 15 days 

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Awesome do u play global survival?

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And I am already friends with him I found him a long time ago