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idk if this is an intentional game design or not, but i really dont like the fact you can push other players by walking into them. Its way too easy to trap someone in between 2 other players then they cant move, and even more annoying when someone just pushes you out of spawn. Also, pressure plates are being a little weird, and they take a few tries before they will actualyy open. The biggest problem rn in poc is the pushing glitch and if you need more details on what its doing let me know

Ze Assassin YT
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Yea I've noticed that animals can push me around now.

Archangel Gabriel
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I love this "glitch" cause its easier to push people into a deep pit right outside of spawn xD but i can see how it can be very annoying for some people :-\

poc player 000002
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lol i died because someone push me xD

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probably a game feature, we know how much of poc is based on minecraft...

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I don't know so much about it being the biggest bug, especially since main spawn is so laggy I can't even go there anymore lol

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ALITTARY, only way to really fix this is for the player entities to be re-routed so they arent as laggy :/