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røøÿçę føüñß
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Accoerding to me spending some time to walk til 32750, 0 that place is the end cause what happened is that when i continued to walk towards 32800, when i am 32763 it just always let me tp back to 32762, i tried from offline and also infinity times but its alwayas happening ! i discovered the end of the huge world! is this a bug? cause it just nver works i tried 80 times at least

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Interesting.. I wonder how many mega bases are out there?

røøÿçę føüñß
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nothing its a transparent wall that stopped me i can't walk through

røøÿçę føüñß
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i found 20 mega ones but 18 all abandoned

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What is this I can not enter the portal

Archangel Gabriel
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Ive gone waaaay further than that before...probably lag makinh it not load