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●Just To Remaind People What My Clan and I Stand For. I Am ØRaydermusØ Leader Øf Bløøđ Ørder. A Foundation Improved Over Bløød-Clan. We Learned Together, Fight Together, Build Together, Hunt Together, Survive Together and Enjoy Peace Together. We Hate Injustice and Bullies. We Are The Peoples Voice and We Making A Stand

●At War With GHE. Joining My Clan Means U Will Have Risk Of War and Conflict With Them. Play The Game To Enjoy And Have Fun. Build and Have Adventures Together. No Harming Innocent. Survival Mode At Any Time.

●Clan Politics and History is On Forum. New Main Base Video Comming Soon. We Care and Look After Our Own and friends and Allies. We Help PoC MaintainsPeace And Fight For Those Who Can Not. Remember Those who have Fallen and Those Who Left. Respect For humans. And Be safe.

●Good Morality Faith and integrity Is a must. Scum, Snakes, Backstabers or those who Take pleasure and joy and harming others is Unforgivable And Unacceptable. Justice is Key. My Clan Stands For Good. Don't Matter What Anyone Says. People Can See What Is Right. We Don't Need A Army To Win This War. We Need Trust Love and Peace. And it's starts with Change and You. Our Aim Is To Be Legends~

■Bløøđ Ørder Rules:
▪No Selling Out Bases or Names.
▪No Stealing From Members.
▪No Killing Members.
▪Attack In Defence.
▪Follow Orders.
▪Trust In Leader And Ranks.
▪No Teleport Without Promision.
▪Empty Friend List or Dont Bring Non Members Into Base.
▪Donate To Public Chests  "Drink From The Well Replenish The Well"

▪Respect And Trust and Faith Must Be Earned.

▪Be Independent. 

▪Work With Guild Mates

▪No Back Stabing Or Betraying.
▪No Spying.
▪Trust In The Bløøđ Ørder
▪No IRL Involvement.
▪No Drama/innapropriate and intlerant things
▪GuildDetails Secret.
▪Hiding Or Peace Mode Change Name.
▪Hide Loot In Base With Own Risk.
▪No Innocent Killing "PvP Train Okay"
▪Donate To Those Who Don't Know You But Need.
▪Don't Be Greedy.
▪Do Not Join If You Want Stuff. Everyone Worked For There Loot You Can Too.
▪Respect Members.
▪Avoid Public Chat.
▪Clan Enermys: Lawbreakers, Scum, GHE, Bad People.
▪No Trading With Enermies.
▪Asist In Builds If Possible.
▪Clan Allies "Ask Me Private"
▪Love And Peace <786>.

▪Philisophy 786.
▪Mercy And Wise Choices.

▪Any One With a Right Mind, Body, Soul And Spirit Is A Brøther or Sister Øf BløøđØ. If you don't have it then sorry and tough... 
▪Be Friendly to Friends And Hateful To Enemies "With Mercy"

~Qoute~"This World Of Ours Is Unbelievably Big... This World Is Ours By Right.   And Now We Have All Come Together For It. It's Ours By Right. Any Person Who Would Live In PEACE And FAIRNESS And Find COMMAN Ground It's There Right Too..."

"But Those Who USE And TAKE And KILL To CARVE Out The World And Make It There's Alone We End Them... We Don't Celebrate It... We Don't Have Shame About It. There Is Only 1 Clan That Has To End... And I Will End Them Myself If I Have To... But Its Not About Me, Its About Us And Our Rightful Future In This Big World."

"Then We Keep Making The World Bigger Together.That Is The world Of PoC To Make It Ours And Bigger. We Will Have To Keep Our Faith And Trust In Each Other, And If We Can Do That... The Future Is Ours... The World Is Ours."

"Mercy And God Help And Forgive Our Enermies"

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Infamous brags about how evil she is. Nice job Rayder. You did a fantastic job picking out members. I get accused of being too nice and this one brags about how evil she is inside...  Brilliant 

Pizza grll
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you again scarlet ... . 

well done Ray .

Røyal BløøđØ Řa... (not verified)
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Smh. You are to nice. Even now your too nice. Your always going to be nice becuase in the Equine World chu got to be nice or your horse will end you. They sense those kind if things. You forget act like Ugly and myself did crap for you but we did. We did alot for you. In the end ugly made hes choice. I made my choice and you yours. Infamous never asked promision to join i am still learning. And FYI you forget ugly and me were exactly the same way around you and how ghe treated you when u were with us. My members must first get my Approval. Then again you would know how careful I am. I love how you mock me. When back then all you thought about was ugly this ugly that. Not my ugly. What about ugly. Keep ugly safe. Smh. Your a mature young woman. Wake up. My repemmding of you was My Rage and Pissed offness on defending you and worrying my ass off in regert for nothing. When feelings get involved that is when u need to be scaredm and unfortunity that us you fault you could have told me to stop worrying. You could habe said something but no. It' you fault not main. I did wait I did. As Matt said. The past is in the past I don' care about you or your sister as players. As people yes and fellow Equines yes. Your choice in friends.... yeah.... just no.... lies BackStabing betraying nudes racism discrimination rude mocking annoying. Hacking, Begging mifia vibes. Roleplaying  "Lady scarlet? Lord Kian? Great Alexander? " yeah.... Moonshine was Right. 

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I love how you are still butthurt about things 

.·★ Filipos ★·.
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Wasting of text .Nobody cares your clan or ur rules.You made me more rich when i (GHE) destroyed ur bases.

Pizza grll
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Ξ SΘLΟ ϝϓſϟ βατυ GHΣ Ξ, thats all u care about ? 

loot come and go .. 

friend once they gone ... no way back . 

remmeber this 

Aɳαtσℓყ V -1922-
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"Your god has forsaken you. This is your god now."

-Vlad The Impaler

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Anatøly,My God Allah is always with me 

U don't need to teach us by the way 


Pizza grll
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个人Đēāťh_Çøffīñ人个, sweet . i think u killed him with this answer

个人Đēāťh_Çøffīñ人个's picture

Ìñfâmøus,thnks . Maybe 

Kvng Aether
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I have to say, these r some harsh rules. U kinda made it sound unpleasant to be in ur clan, I'm not insulting u, I'm just giving u advice :)  also, if someone wants to be happy then let them do wat they must

Røyal BløøđØ Řa... (not verified)
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It' unpleasant for a reason i made it that way becuase only the strong and those who will come forth. I don'. Want dissippitments i expect good. Trust me I know what I am doing. Of course it hurts dude show F### up you are. I said it before your mama must be proud of you Konny. And The Lord Is Always With Me Dude. Instult him and suffer 1 day. Is if some kids are gods please. 

Kvng Aether
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ØRaydermusØ,ah ok I get it. My bad dude :) I would like to have a meeting with u asap. Wat coordinates r good 4 u?

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I want to join.

Røyal BløøđØ Řa... (not verified)
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50;-100 within the next 5 hours... after I post 2 bases I am going to DESTORY and make a example of 

Kvng Aether
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ØRaydermusØ,I can get online now. When ever ur ready my username is J-Døg HÜ SØLØ

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I will try my best to  support you. Just like when I was in Bløød.

Røyal BløøđØ Řa... (not verified)
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Butuhead also SoLo?

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ØRaydermusØ,No. Solo is just a username for a Turkish Jet

Røyal BløøđØ Řa... (not verified)
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Sounds like a Dinner Dish