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Night's Bane
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Greetings Developers & Players


I'm sure you have come across the "custom skins" thread

which we could import our own custom skins to the game but

there would be some explicit skins which would be inappropriate

to younger players.


So I came(bit sus over there) up with a idea where

we could customize our own characters but we have a

character customization tab where you can choose your

skin color, hairstyle,eye color, pants, shoes,etc


I made a rough draft of what it would look like

if it was added in the newer updates.


So with that we can customize our charater from

the items the game has in the character customization

tab at a price such as coins and gems


Let me know what you guys think about this if it would be

good idea or not.

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Looks great! We had something similar in our mind.Though maybe not in the near future, we definitely want to add something like this to the game.