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I hate it when my base gets raided. And its always dumb pro players. They think their so cool and can just bully random ppl who are going about their normal gaming lives. When i was a new player about 2 years ago, a popular pro player named Wild Piggus killed me in literally 30 seconds. He also destroyed one of my amazing treehouse bases. :( BASE RAIDS SHOULD BE SOMETHING IDIOTS GET REPORTED FOR >:(

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Idk man, seems like a nub problem

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Yea base raids suck.I remember I took an old base and fixed it up and one of my friends would come over then all of a sudden these pros spawned in and started breaking stuff.Turns out she sent them in to wreck the place and this would keep happening.I later figured out it was a part of APYT’s clan to send in random people,get you to trust them,then raid the place :|

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Ban base raids please

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Yes I hate them and also if someone is part of your clan you shouldn't kill them just because you don't know them and bileave me Iv had that happen so many times

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Ya Ik raiding secret bases are tempting, but not too much for an impossible coords i made a base at 10550:10510 and see what happened howmy base is iin funeral. I has made it at the beginning of last summer vacation and it got raided at the end of this summer  (almost 12 months) i had this base I felt soo sad. It had my loot which i collected for killing noobs and pros and i stored them.

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If this base raid happens too my new bases again, then i seriously gotta check some other sandbox free games which are multiplayer, even fps games, and leave this game forever

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Just build far away underground if you don't want your base raded also do not touch the scenery making no trade of a base then more likely your base won't be destroyed

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I agree I love building but I have to build underground and just hope my bases don't get found I lost my 3 year old village again it's been found multiple times and each time I try and fix it but then it just gets found I love building but at the same time yes raiding is annoying but it's part of the game if you don't like it there's always Minecraft this is a pvp game it's online and no base lives forever all you can do is fight to protect it or die trying what I do is I hide my valuables and stuff in other places and not in my base so even when my base is found the rest isn't.

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At least, can admins remove the underground looking glitch, that makes stone transparent and easy to find ze bases, pls
I found a new glitch that could save anyone falling like 100 blocks of height.
Remove that litch also

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ive had 8 bases so far and all of them has been raided by explorers or teleport mistakes i did to my friends :(