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Trading system:
reason 1. so traders in different time zone can trade while they are offline.
reason 2. the global chat will no longer be filled with all sort of buying and selling stuffs messages.
reason 3. UI can be as similar as sort of like the daily quests
Allies system:
reason 1. there are usually just a few people online at the same time for a small clan in a war, with allies you can add more fighters to join for even more fun.
.Score system:
reason 1. by having a clan status to show the numbers of killing to the other clan members can estimate how well a clan is doing
War system:
reason 1. so leader can declare a war to any one of the clans. leader can choose the coords to held the war, and set the war time between 1 to 12 hours. after both clans are accepted, a war can be started by placing up to 3 banners for each clan within 30 chunks distance. which clan break the most banners win. one rule is that you cannot break a banner if there are any guards within 10 blocks!

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Thank you for all the great suggestions! We will consider them.