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It is good if we have private chests in the workbench
So players who have the required items can create them
POC Admin pleaseplease consider this

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Thats a good idea,maybe the recipe can be quartz and yellow wool (thats what private chest looks like)

- V01d The No-Name -
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But probably should have obsidian and stuff, it is 900 coins in the shop

The Courier
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- V01d The No-Name -, And what else is also 900 coins in the shop? Correct, the P.I.P.

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- V01d The No-Name -,Ya like 3 gold and 3 iron and 1 diamond
so then we can make a private chest for 860coins so it is cheaper 40coins

The Courier
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SGTwithGaming,This is not balanced at all! You must wait for 3 days to get 900 coins from daily bonus. (Or much more!) But you can get those resources u listed like in 10 minutes or less. That would utterly ruin the value of private chests and make their prices hugely deflated like ench tables'... (first hit was that one could find PC's in Mansion for free... now this!?!?)

Give me tnt
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The Courier, pcs? What is that or did you misspell it and also a private chest drops 8 obsidian when mined without silk touch so people use the fast way to get all of those stuff then they would crash the price of obsidian too

Give me tnt
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Maybe but if this is going to be added then this would also make sense to add this https://netplay.live/content/private-chest-ideas and make it work with this