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Heres 7things that I think should be in the game: (1) Shields. This would make it much easier to block hits from mobs. (Especially Witches) (2) Sticky Pistons. I came up with an awsome sticky piston door (Hidden) that would make a secret entrance easy (3) Paintings. This would be a nice feature for a boring wall and a secret entrance as well. (4) XP (Experience Points) instead of coins. I struggle with coins, and when max armor is a dream, I need something I can get my hands on easy. I know I can buy coins, but thats a pain when your 10 years old. (5) A nether portal. Earlier today, I was trying to light a portal, and my flint and steel broke (I wasn't very happy) before it could make it work. (6) If you add the nether, Netherite would be good, along with nether mobs. (7) Mine carts and rail. This would be good when mining with friends, u can send each other stuff from a bedrock mine all the way to surface! or even to a tree house. This, however, would require redstone powered rail (Made with gold) (8) Villagers, Pillagers, And Illagers. this would be a nice feature, but they would also require (9) Villages and Pillages. and Finally, (10) The end. I would love to see and end with enderdragons, end cities, and and war ships. The end city needs a chest with an elytra and shulkers. That is my conclusion. I would just get Minecraft, but It doesn't work on my computer. I've tried.