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Welcome to the Planet of Cubes Forum!

We want the Planet of Cubes Forum to be a fun and welcoming place for each player. The Forum is a place to discuss the latest Planet of Cubes news, interact with the community, and share content.

Below are general forum rules to read and acknowledge. We expect you will follow all rules in your posts.

Respect Each Other
Be nice and polite to each other, respect your fellow community members. Be friendly! Rather than call people out, offer constructive criticism on how they can improve. Treat others the way you would like to be treated with you.

Keep your posts appropriate
Please keep your posts appropriate:
- Before creating a new topic, have a quick look around. There might already be a discussion that suits your question.

- When you create a new topic make sure to set a good one.
Correct: How do I craft a Chest in Survival Mode?
Wrong: Please help me!

- Try to not go off topic and e.g. post questions about game updates in a thread discussing technical problems or bugs.

- If you have two questions not related it’s better to create two threads.

- No profanity, racism or sexually explicit content - ever.

Trolling & Spam Posts
No spam and trolling here! Do not provoke conflict or bait people into arguments. Do not bash other individual players and be respectful of the moderators and Community Team.

Discussing Disciplinary Actions
Do not dispute the actions of moderators or the Community Team. They are here to support you and make the forums a better place. If you feel you have been wrongfully hit with a violation, please contact Support to appeal your case. We're more than happy to review moderation actions and discuss them privately. We do not allow specific discussion of moderation actions on our forums.

Contact List
If you’re looking to give feedback about the game, please head over to the appropriate section of the forums. If you would like to dispute a warning or rule violation, please contact Forum admins: pocadmin or Olga, or  contact Support.

Planet of Cubes Team