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First game: I am confused, I'm like inside of a clown head or snowman head.. I realize that I'm the seeker, first game.. I spawn on top of a house, iron armor and a diamond sword. I soon find players that were not ready for me, I kill them (they were like a beacon and wood) and kill more. I'm pretty sure I did all the work.. some hiders and seekers leave, while I kill more. The game is about to end and I get a red countdown on my screen, and then I see on the side that there's one person left. My team kills the player or the last hider left.. We won :D
Game 2, nothing interesting. I am wood next to beacons, I say "We are all crafting tables..XD", I am not with anyone, and not a crafting table.. Just a log. I have a heartbeat somehow when there's a seeker nearby.. I won again..?