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Ok look everyone's talking about clans and it seems fun
So to any clans out there looking for players heres my resume?
Basic rundown:
Fighting out of 5:3
Not good not bad. I prefer long ranged combat instead of close quarters
Redstone our of 5:1
I have the most basic knowledge ie: buttons doors ect.
Farming (without redstone) out of 5: 5
The first thing I look in a world is good places to make large scale farms. If you want something grown im your guy
Mining out of 5: 4-5 (varies)
I'm good at mining. If you want a specific amount of an ore, depending on its type I probably already have it!
Building out of 5:2-3
I'm not grian but I'm not bad. Not good at large scale builds.
Brewing out of 5: no
I'm on most the time just shoot me an email and I'll get on