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Åmbrøse Aloysius
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I'm running a merchant clan and am looking for business. We've had to move around a bit due to our lack of military power, so we don't have any standing partners or allegiances. Payment can be made in goods, work force, or accords and support. Supplies most foods and goods, and can provide most common blocks. Highly rare or biome specific blocks cannot currently be ordered, but may in the future. We are purely a third party in any conflict, thus while buff potions can be bought, harmful potions will not be supplied. Armor and gear can be ordered, including potion arrows and basic enchanted armor. Tier I and II enchantments can be bought, while higher grades will be available later. While general enchants can be ordered, a specific enchantment cannot be requested unless under specific conditions. Mined goods can be bought, however production is currently slow due to an emergency relocation. We also offer services in building and design, farming, reconnaissance, terraforming, and basic to mid level archery training. Our current largest industries are in large quantity building supplies, grown goods, and mob drops.